Under 8s Day - Smorgasbord of Fun

Animals Are Awesome – Under 8s Day

The students from Prep to Year 2 enjoyed a morning outdoors participating in a variety of activities for Under 8s Day. There was sensational sunshine, merry music makers, bubble blowers, animal admirers, crafts being created, eager obstacle course climbers and lots more happening as students and their parents or buddy for the morning explored the Junior School areas. Next Steps Kindy children visited for the session with their teachers and parents as well.

We had several visitors on the morning: Ocean Life Education and Reptile Adventures. They set up fascinating displays of animals the students could touch and hold. Some students revisited these activities time and time again!

After lunch, students were captivated as they learned about fire ants and how tracker dogs are used to locate their nests. The interactive session involved a number of students and a well-trained Labrador named “Flip” who performed beautifully and made the participants laugh.

All students had fun, especially some, who were excited because they “didn’t get to hold a pencil all day!”

A Student's First-hand Account

Year 2 student Annie S had this to say about Under 8s Day:

On Under 8s Day, me and my Mum went to have lots of fun. It is an opportunity where Mums and Dads come to have fun with their child. There are special exhibits and everyone comes in free dress! My Mum came with my little brothers.

First we waited for Mrs Grant to open Under 8s Day. After that we went up to face painting which was at the Library. I got a black and yellow bee. It felt soft and it looked cute. Next we went to the reptile section. I felt a snake. It was smooth and it had a black head and tongue. Later on we made our way to another section. We got to touch some water creatures; some felt squashy and some looked bumpy. Soon we saw an animal making place. I made a box dog to keep things inside. It was made by fur and a cardboard box.

Oh, no, it is almost time to go and I only have time to go to one more place! Me and my Mum had a look around. Mrs Carfora was running Fishy Fun, which is making a fish in a tank. We used felt for their bodies. It was time for our parents to leave. I had so much fun!