The Upper Junior School Athletics Carnival was held on the 13th and 14th June. All students had a good two days of running, throwing and jumping. Congratulations to all the Booth House students for winning the overall point score.

Day 1 of the Athletics Carnival saw the students compete in the track events, 800m and 200m. Students also took part in field events, discus and shot put and high jump. Two records were broken in the 800m, congratulations to Lola O. 12 years girls and Noah C. 12 years boys for their amazing runs in the 800m, and one record was broken in the 200m, congratulations to Ryan W. 11 years boys for a fast 200m.

Day 2 Upper JS Athletics Carnival 100m heats in the morning and the finals in the afternoon. One of the 100m records was broken, congratulations to Bernardo L. 8 years boys. The students also did the other 2 field events. We also had records broken for the 8 years boys high jump (Brenardo L), 12 years girls high jump (Taylor B) and the 12 years boys discus (Reuven C). Congratulations for your hard work.

Age champions were:
C, Emily 8 G, J, Elijah 8 B
F, Aeva 9 G, D, Josh 9 B
J, Sophie 10 G, D, Cohen 10 B
D, Elise 11 G, W, Ryan 11 B
B, Taylor 12 G, C, Noah 12 B
Thank you to all who took part and all who helped. You all did an amazing job.