Year 12 students need to be able to manage multiple, large assessments as they work towards their QCE. Sometimes the weekly demands of a student mean that they have to jump from task to task or assessment to assessment to stay up to date. For many years, research in psychology has shown that people can only focus on one task at a time and that switching between tasks can be taxing. Multitasking takes more time, exposes more errors and a significant loss in productivity.

As a new initiative this year, Year 12 students will have a concentrated time on a Wednesday when they can focus on an assessment or study. The set-aside time includes period three and PM and period four on a Wednesday, where Year 12 students have the option to select from five supervised study rooms to work. These rooms include a science laboratory, music studios, art rooms, drama spaces and the library. Students with parent permission also have the option to study at home. These times on a Wednesday will also be used for periodic exam sessions.