​ World Vision 40 hour Famine

Fear. It's an emotion we’ve all experienced. Whether it’s fear due to failure or financial insecurity. However, many of us haven’t experienced fearing for our lives. Last term, a team of students from year 7 to 12 attended the World Vision Youth Conference and learned about Refugees, the biggest humanitarian crisis since World War II. This sparked inspiration within our hearts to make a real difference to those in our world who need our help. In response, we will be running a 40hr Backpack Challenge which aims to replicate the experience of a refugee, while raising money for World Vision. Several other activities during the term will occur including: Middle school simulations, Backpack Night Out, Backpack Walk, balloon challenge and a hot chocolate stand. This year World Vision is asking us to say, “We’re with you” to young refugee and displaced people around the globe, and we hope you’ll say it with us.

- Toine and Grace, Northside Senior Students

40 Hour Famine Poster