The Year 10 & 11 Awards was a fitting celebration for our Secondary students, providing opportunity for reflection, affirmation, and encouraging words of wisdom. Thank you to all our teachers, parents and community for supporting our students through these important years.

College Captains: Jonah Clarke & Emily Khan

Vice College Captain - Community: Brianna Bertrand

Vice College Captain - Cultural: Isabella Hu

Vice College Captain - Missions: Isabella Dux

Vice College Captain - Communications: Luke Waghorn

Vice College Captain - Chapel: Ari Niven

Vice College Captain - Sports: Jack Hulse & Kiana Watts

Speech from 2022 College Captains - Jonah Clarke & Emily Khan:

It is truly a great honour for both Jonah and I, to be here today amidst the greatest leaders and mentors from the Northside community. First of all we’d like to thank and honour the 2021 leadership team for their outstanding guidance and wisdom which was so clearly modelled to us in the way they led the school. I think it’s safe to say that coming off the back of 2020, there were a lot of unknowns in the lives of each of us, but also in the life of the school as a whole. However, through these trials and uncertain times, the College was truly blessed by and will continue to feel the impacts of the enthusiasm and commitment displayed by Jaydon and Ari along with every single Vice Captain and Prefect. Their courage and outstanding displays of constant commitment to the school community have shaped and paved the way for what is going to be a fantastic year of leadership. We cannot forget the graduated senior cohort of 2021 either, who have stepped up in every way possible to volunteer at events and modelled community involvement to every single one of us, regardless of leadership status. 

Emily and I, as College captains, and on behalf of the entire leadership team you see here on stage,  would like to express just how excited and honoured we are to be able to lead the school in 2022. As a group, I believe we possess a strong understanding of the importance of leadership and the purpose our roles serve. We represent a diverse group of personalities, experiences and gifting and we’re keen to use this diversity as a team for the benefit of the whole of the Northside community in 2022.  We aim to serve the College wholeheartedly, with a passion that won’t fade away in the face of challenge or adversity. Our commitment is to lead by example, because in the end, this is the only kind of leadership that matters.  

Taking on the role of college captain is both a privilege and an honour that I gladly accept, but this position wasn’t earned without help from many many important people. We mustn’t ever forget the tireless hours put in by teachers to encourage and inspire leadership within students just like us and I personally have many special teachers to thank for the courage and strength to lead. These students up here today are classmates, friends, and siblings even, but now they are also a part of a team. A team that I have the privilege to work with. These are the hands and feet that will work to make the Northside community a better place for you. Personally, I reflect on the honour that it will be to set a Christ-like example for each and every one of you here today. I am a huge believer in the power of a single good action and just how much impact a little goodness can have on someone’s life. I look forward to conversations I’ll have with you and how much you have to teach me over this year, but I also look forward to the chance I have to model Christ-like kindness and the impacts it has. I aspire to use my position as College capitan to do the greatest good I can here at Northside, inspiring you in your own leadership actions but also in your walk with God. 

For me, I’m grateful for the many circumstances and experiences that have   equipped me to embrace the opportunity to lead this College. From observing leaders in high level sporting environments, to becoming a leader in a number of sports myself, to witnessing the selfless acts of leaders in the church and wider community, I have learnt much in my 17 years on the planet.  It’s often said that the first person you lead is yourself, and life has required me to develop a resolve and ability to walk through seasons of great uncertainty.  Yet it’s in these darker seasons - and we all face them in different ways -  where true character is grown.   I’ve learnt that for a leader to have the resilience to stand tall through any season, they must be grounded in something deeper and greater than themselves.  For me, that is ultimately my faith in Jesus Christ but with that comes a greater purpose to be serving others. I’m grateful for all that has brought me here today, and prepared me to step up to this role of College captain in 2022. 

Before we finish with the College Charter, I think it’s worth taking a look into something Jesus said about the role of leadership. Jesus wasn’t everybody’s idea of a leader. His stance on how power and authority should be used, often brought him into conflict with the religious leaders of the time. The Pharisees were known to walk around in their flashy garments and sit in the ‘important’ seats in the synagogue, basically doing all the ‘right’ things to be seen and greeted with respect. We could stand here and say all the ‘right’ things. We could just be happy to walk around and show off the badge. We could just do whatever it takes to make us ‘look’ like we are good leaders. Yet, instead we’ve been challenged by Jesus, “For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.” As we begin the privilege of being the leadership group for Northside Christian College, I believe this approach to leadership will serve us all well.