Year 10 Safe Drive Expo with Safe Driver Training

It was with much anticipation and curiosity that we arrived at the Mt Cotton Safe Drive Expo. The day definitely did not disappoint; it was filled with interactive, relevant, enjoyable lectures, presentations and in-car experiences that increased our road safety awareness and understanding. There were many highlights of the day, from getting to drive in a realistic car simulator to using a radar gun to determine car speeds! It was also so great that we were not only learning new, pertinent things but also applying our mathematical and scientific knowledge to real-life situations. Our cohort was involved in hands-on experiments in which we practically tested g-force and vehicle braking distance.

“Now I’m going to accelerate to 20km/h and I want you to put your seatbelt on before we stop.” Foolishly you believe the instructor behind the driver’s wheel. Instead of bracing for the sudden, violent jolt that slaps you in the face seconds later, you reach for the seatbelt on your left. All you can do is laugh nervously as you realise that your instructor’s arm was the only thing between your forehead and the windscreen. “That, is why you wear a seatbelt.” You believe him this time too.

Hannah B and Chelsea C (Year 10 students)