From the 21 – 24 June, the Year 10 cohort will step out into the world of work to ‘taste and see’ what life is like in their chosen occupation. Students, this year, will travel far and wide to experience a wide range of professional and trade environments including Information Technology, Animal Care, Allied Health, Hospitality, Education, Electrical and Engineering.

Each workplace will receive a visit from a Northside staff member to observe the student in the work environment and to bring vital encouragement to students who may be experiencing work for the first time.

Students entering the fast-paced environment of work may feel overwhelmed by the volume and variety of expectations placed upon them at work. Parents and carers can help by building them up with positive words, and plenty of listening can help counter-balance any pressure they may feel.

I am sure that each student will experience a valuable time which provides the kind of insight only direct involvement in work can provide.

Mrs Katie Webb
Vocational Education Assistant