From 7-10 August , the Year 11 students embarked to the scenic yet secluded Camp Somerset.  The goal of the camp is to give students the opportunity to experience a range of teaching and activities that challenged their way of thinking about themselves, our school, our community, our faith and the world around us. This opportunity allows students to reflect on what it means as the upcoming leadership group to lead a legacy in 2019.

The camp forms the pinnacle of the leadership development of our students in Year 11 and preparing them ultimately for the transition into leadership for the end of 2018 and then going into 2019.  Each year this camp has been the catalyst of some form of change in a majority of students’ lives.  Some changes might be subtle.  Minor tweaks and adjustments of a student’s perspective or attitude towards themselves and others. Whilst for others the camp is a time where it has been a complete metamorphosis of a student’s life.  

The camp program included exciting team-building activities that actively engaged our students.  One of sessions lead by Peer Power allowed students to discover more about their leadership styles and understand their individual D.N.A personalities.  Students overcame obstacles, both externally and internally, to work together thus achieving set goals.  

Students nominated themselves into various leadership groups tasked with visioning and planning for next year.  There are exciting times for 2019 as our creative and enthusiastic Year 11 students step up.

The evenings on camp were spent enjoying a range of activities including a fancy dress bush dance and “dazzling debutant”.  Mrs Franklin and Mr Muller anticipation for the camp far exceeded expectations, we are proud of the year 11 students and honoured to work with them in this important preparation for next year and indeed, life.