Another wonder Year 11 leadership camp was held in July 2022. The Year 11 cohort embarked on their leadership journey in the scenic surrounds of Camp Somerset.  

The camp was filled with challenges from the first day. Interform class games to see who was the best TEAM to the challenges of how quickly tables and chairs could be packed up and packed away ready for the next session. The goals and objectives of this camp were aimed to give students the opportunity to experience a range of teaching and activities that challenged their way of thinking about themselves, our school, our community, our faith, and the world around us. Throughout the camp, students were encouraged to reflect on what it means for the upcoming leadership group to lead a legacy into 2023.

The students demonstrated that relationships and people are meaningful as they influence the shape of their connections. One of the sessions led by Peer Power, always a favourite with the students, took them on a journey to discover more about their leadership styles and understand their individual D.N.A personalities. Challenging the students on how they perceive themselves and ultimately as the student leaders within the school. The evenings on camp were a time spent enjoying a range of activities, including a fancy dress bush dance and a welcomed bonfire with marshmallows, however, this year the rain dampened the much-loved bonfire. Another camp was Mrs Franklin and Mr Muller's anticipation for the camp far exceeded their expectations; we are proud of the year 11s and honoured to work with them in this crucial preparation for next year and indeed, life.