At the close of Term 1, the Year 12s embarked on their camp to Fraser Island’s Kingfisher Bay Resort. What a week! There's no better way to celebrate the milestone of finishing the first term of our last year, than with the wonderful cohort with whom we have journeyed our entire schooling career and have the privilege of graduating alongside in a matter of months.

Travelling 4 hours north to catch a ferry to Fraser gave us ample opportunity to connect with our peers and teachers, in preparation for what would be one of our most incredible times together. That evening we gathered in our form classes to commence the highly competitive inter-form class competition, with Mr Drew kicking it off with a trivia night. Later we spent some time in worship, sharing our stories and listening to others speak about their faith experiences.

The following morning saw us up at the crack of dawn, piling into four-wheel-drive buses to explore the natural beauty of the largest sand island in the world. We splashed around in the pristine Eli Creek, admired the Maheno wreck, and swam in the crystal clear waters of Lake Mackenzie. That night we donned our grass skirts and Hawaiian attire for the Beach Party themed evening full of team games! The fun continued at the beach the next day in the inter-class sandcastle competition, which required us to create the most original sculptures to meet some tough criteria and dazzle some tough judges.

The highlight of that evening was by far the semi formal. It was so fun to dress up and spend time together while sipping mocktails. This was just the beginning of the night’s activities, and was closely followed by the remainder of the interclass competition. 

Each class had to perform a unique song which captured the essence of life at Northside. This proved to be more entertaining than you might think, with a special appearance from some rising stars - that’s right, it was the teachers! A particularly memorable moment was courtesy of Mr Badenhorst with his passionate air-guitar solo, that left us all clutching our sides and cheering ourselves hoarse. The stakes were high with the winning class, 12C, awarded the prestigious prize of bragging rights. 

We then crowded around the bonfires on the beach, as we sang campfire songs and enjoyed a time of fellowship with one another. This was a special chance to develop our relationships with our peers and teachers as we wrapped up a wonderful week away and reflected on the term that had passed.

Allie Z and Ivy P, Year 12 Prefects