At the end of the first term, the grade 12 students of 2019 commenced their annual camp to K’Gari (Fraser) Island. The word K’Gari means “paradise” from their island’s indigenous language. After spending an enduring 4 hours on the road and sea, we finally reached our little paradise. When we saw the long silky sandy shore and the vibrant beach life, the tropical songs on Spotify all finally made sense to us. The first night kicked off with a competition of trivia hosted by Mr Drew and Mr Jones then ended the night with worship and discussing our views of the Bible in small groups.

The next morning, we were all up and ready by daybreak to travel around the biggest sand island in the world on a 4x4 tour bus. We visited the crystal clear fresh waters of Lake Mackenzie, the decaying wreck of the decommissioned SS Maheno and the immaculate Eli Creek. The evening proceeded with us dressing up as the colourful retro era of the 80s - then followed by multiple extremely competitive inter-class games.

The semi-formal was the epitome of all nights, where we all dressed up with class and style. We enjoyed mocktails and quality food by the poolside while enjoying each other’s company. The night later transformed into a collection of concerts performed by the form classes, all hoping to impress the judges with their outstanding vocals and choreography.

This camp gave us the opportunity to enjoy God’s creation in paradise for four days and allowed us to deepen our friendship bonds within each other. To conclude, our trip to Fraser Island was without a doubt a memory from year 12 that we will always treasure.

Daniel S and Charlotte P 
Year 12 students