"Why is there sand everywhere?” This a familiar question for many Year 12s. It was a valid issue, though a foreseeable one, considering the camp took place on Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island. Called K’gari by the traditional custodians of the land, the Butchella Peoples, the island’s name means “paradise” - and the four days the Year 12 cohort spent in the 4.5-star Kingfisher Bay Resort certainly proved the name was well-deserved. Free time meant enjoying the resort lounges, aquamarine pools, local beach and wetlands. On the second day, the entire grade piled into three 4WD buses for a memorable Beauty Spots tour of the island. At Eli Creek, we floated down the icy freshwater river while dingoes sat nearby (though thankfully only swam when no one was in the water!) Instagrammable photos were snapped at the famous rusting shipwreck, the S.S. Maheno and the grand finale, Lake McKenzie. The combination of the aesthetics of the warm crystal-clear waters and their exfoliating properties made swimming irresistible. Day 3 was more relaxed, spent around the resort participating in class activities and enjoying the resort facilities in preparation for the semi-formal and form class songs (giving resort guests the 4.5-star entertainment experience of watching rehearsals!) In contrast, the final day was a time of reflection. Seeing God’s Creation showcased how good His work is and enabled the cohort to deepen connections without the stress of everyday school life. Although there are another three terms of Year 12 to go, the end is in sight - and having such a special camp to reminisce fondly helps lighten the load that comes with our final sprint.

Jessica Holland
Year 12 student