Year 12 Leadership Retreat 2023

In week one of this term, the Year 12 leadership team took a trip to Mt. Tamborine. Over the course of the weekend, the leaders explored the concept of ‘why we lead’. Jeff Nagle and Matt Stackhouse from Heritage Leaders guided this group through some of life’s biggest questions: “Who is God?”, “What is God’s story and vision?”, and “How to implement this into our leadership journey and individual lives”. By the end of the weekend, the team had developed their spiritual foundations, leadership skill base, and desire to bring the very best out of Northside for 2023.

The 2023 Leadership retreat was nothing short of inspiring and God-led. The focus on God as the centre of our leadership and college was one of the best outlooks we could have been taught. Connectivity between not just the individual teams, but between the entire leadership team was indescribable. It is safe to say that the conversations had, the memories experienced and the lessons learned will last a lifetime, and very clearly are present in what our team strives to accomplish within Northside in 2023. It was so very transparent that the 2023 leadership retreat encompassed God’s spirit, and He worked into the hearts of every individual present.

Amy Wilkinson and Isabelle Prasad - Year 12 Prefects