Senior School Captains’ Retreat

From Captains and Vice Captains 2020:

On Thursday of the first week of school the Senior School Captains team set out for Twin Waters for a weekend retreat. At this inaugural event, we had the opportunity to grow in our faith, bond as a team, explore our vision for leadership  and have lots of fun with the outdoor activities provided by the resort.

Throughout the weekend we participated in extensive thought-provoking sessions which were run by Jeff Nagle and Matt Stackhouse  from Heritage Leaders. These sessions involved deep teaching that challenged and solidified our beliefs and biblical knowledge. We were given the opportunity to share with each other and explore answers to our faith questions with the wisdom of the presenters. We explored the concept of self-leadership in the foundation of God’s image, vision and mission. Within these ideas we were challenged to consider that we are called to be a part of God’s story rather than to put God in our story. From this thought we acknowledged that we do not need to try and make up our own mission for our lives but rather embrace God’s mission. Between these sessions we spent time kayaking, sailing  and jumping on water trampolines. We came back from the retreat feeling refreshed physically, mentally and most importantly spiritually; ready for all the challenges and triumphs that year 12 leadership will bring.

After understanding our identity in God, His vision for humanity and His mission, we were able to solidify our vision for the College for 2020: ‘Actions of Love, Reflecting Faith’ based on the scripture James 1:22-25.

This passage challenges us to build a community based on God’s perfect law, love. We are commanded to love God and love others by acting justly, showing mercy and walking humbly with God (Micah 6:8). For love is how God compels us to live our lives. Through our vision we hope to see the students and College community have an outward focus and reflect their faith through the knowledge of the Word which is the foundation of our identity. 

As a group we are excited to have the opportunity to lead the college this year and can’t wait to see God’s mighty work each and every day.