Year 4 Excursion

SparkLab Sciencentre is the lastest interactive science display from Queensland Musuem for kids - including over 40 exhibits, a 'Science Bar' (with live experiments) and the 'Maker Space' which prompts students to image and design solutions to challenging questions.

Our Year 4 students headed to the SparkLab Sciencentre, along with teachers and volunteer parents, to enjoy and learn from the exhibit for their excursion. Some of our students reflected:

"The trip to the museum was one of the favourites of all the Year 4’s excursions.

When we walked into the museum and all our eyes were set on the huge shark and giant squid that stared right at us….. Well at least that what it felt like. After staring at the squid we moved on to the dinosaur room. There where dinosaur fossils, footprints and bones that made the shape of the exact dinosaur that lived centuries before us. 

Finally after walking up the never ending staircase we reached the animal displays. We saw many birds, reptiles, insects and marine creatures and many more of God’s unique animals. 

At the Science Centre, we were able to discover the science behind the experiments through reading and hands-on activities.  Some of the favourite activities were voice changing, motion chair, pully systems, air current activity and many more activity stations.

It was a great day and we all thought it was the best year 4 excursion yet!" 

Written by Sophie.V, Sophie.L, Annie, Elsa-Maree