The Year Five students attended camp at the Tallebudgera Recreation Centre at the Gold Coast from the fifth to the seventh of October. The key outcomes from the camp were to develop problem-solving and leadership skills and to exercise trust and respect.

The weather was terrific, and we enjoyed the sand, beach, and fresh ocean air. During the camp, students paddled out on the waves showing skill on their boogie boards and courageously climbed their way up the rock wall. They also worked together to rescue team members around an obstacle course and took their aim to shoot the bullseye in archery and honed their indigenous orienteering skills to complete puzzles around the campsite. 

The evening program was competitive and impressive as teams fought to be the champions of a basketball game called Golden Child and a dodgeball game called Pirates and Cavaliers, held in the campsite hall.  Another camp highlight was getting our groove on at the swimming pool party on the second night; All of the singing, splashing and spectacular dance moves were very entertaining

Our Daily devotions on camp helped us reflect on male and female Biblical characters that were known for pushing themselves out of their comfort zones, and they became an inspiration for us to do the same! On the final day, we left the camp with hearts full of unforgettable memories!