Each year a polo shirt is designed specifically for the Year Six cohort. This shirt features a pocket-sized Northside Christian College logo on the front, and students' names are listed alphabetically on the back.

We intend to order these shirts to arrive in time to be worn at the commencement of our PALS program in Term Three. It is not compulsory to purchase a Year Six polo

Please provide your students name, class and t-shirt size required. Online ordering will close on Monday, 22 June.

Shirt type: Raglan Polo

Colour: Aqua blue, yellow and light royal blue

Cost: $36.00

Sizing: (Information provided by the supplier)

  • Sizes S and above are adult sizes.
  • Allow a 2cm variation and measure carefully, as we take no responsibility for incorrect measurements
  • TIP: To double check your measurements, take the same type of shirt and lay it flat on a table. Measure from armpit to armpit and multiply the measurement by 2.This will give you an equivalent Shirt Measurement as a backup to the Chest Measurement.