Our Year 7 ski trip commenced with an early start and a seamless flight to Canberra, setting the stage for an exciting journey ahead. We embarked on a bus tour upon our arrival, visiting Parliament House and the National Capital Exhibition. These stops provided us with a rich blend of history and politics and brought to life the learning we have done over the years in a classroom setting.

After our exploration in Canberra, we made our way to Jindabyne, where we settled into our cozy accommodations at Alpine Adventist and geared up for the upcoming skiing adventures. The following two days were filled with delicious meals and thrilling snow-filled activities. We were blessed with fantastic weather, allowing us to enjoy the snowy slopes fully.

Our first day on the slopes involved some initial challenges as we grappled with the unfamiliar ski gear. However, with the guidance of our instructors, we quickly learned the basics of skiing, from putting on and taking off skis to executing manoeuvres such as the snowplough/pizza, stopping, and turning. Despite a few inevitable tumbles, we persevered and made remarkable progress.

In the afternoon, we honed our skills on the Magic Carpet, gaining confidence and proficiency. Eventually, we were given the green light to ascend the mountain using the chairlift and J bar. The transformation of our classmates from beginners to confident skiers was truly inspiring.

For those who needed a break or couldn't ski, a train ride from Perisher to Blue Cow offered a scenic outlook over a winter wonderland, providing breathtaking views and a chance to appreciate the snow. In the embrace of God's glorious creation, we revel in the joy and adventure of this ski trip.

After our amazing three nights at Jindabyne, we got up early for the bus journey back to Canberra. On the last day of the trip, we visited the National Electoral Education Centre, Mount Ainslie, undertook an embassy tour and finished at Questacon Science Centre for an afternoon of fun. We had an early dinner at Questacon before heading to the airport to fly home, cherishing the unforgettable memories we created.