Every year students from Years 3-12 attend camps that create the perfect balance of challenge and fun where students collaborate to discover hidden strengths and build resilience.

This year, Year 8 attended a camp that encouraged friendships and team building. One of the students, Luigi A. wrote a wonderful poem (below). His poem was created during reflection time at camp and delivered to the Camp Lawrence staff during our final lunch together.  

It sums up the week four experience together so well, as we took in the beauty of this place, and reflected on how well we did as the Year 8 cohort of 2019. 

We are proud of how the students responded and encouraged one another as they stepped out of their comfort zones so early on in the school year. 

- Amanda Stay and Mark Rienecker, Year 8 Coordinators

Year 8 Camp 2019

Where it all started on a Wednesday afternoon,

And Grade 8’s still wonder, this early, so soon?

A place where insects of all kinds come out to bite,

And rebels laugh and snicker throughout the night.

A place where people have fun, boys and girls alike.

And find a place to camp via canoe or a hike.

But nonetheless let’s admit, we’ve had a blast,

But as of all things it’s become a thing of the past.

We will cherish this moment forever and ever,

And let go of things we have had to endeavour.

I thank you Camp Laurence, all the team and the staff,

And all of the teachers, thanks from our behalf.

It’s been a roller coaster, an emotional intake,

But I’ll always see you in the distance

From the mountains to the lake.