The Year 9 Camp at Noosa North Shore provided loads of opportunities for the year level to spend time together while participating in quality activities. The near perfect weather conditions highlighted the beauty of the national park surrounding the camp and set the scene for a fantastic time away together.  Mountain biking through the national park along well-established sandy tracks, followed by a visit to the pristine Noosa North Shore beach, was the highlight daytime activity for most students. This was closely followed by stand up paddle boarding where balancing skills were put to the test, and being able to laugh at oneself was essential to the enjoyment of the activity.

At the end of each day, we enjoyed a whole year level activity organised by our Northside teachers. The minute-to-win-it night saw the students in some interesting predicaments as they worked against the clock in teams to complete a range of complex challenges. The bush dance, ably led by Mrs Gentle, gave everyone an opportunity to learn some new dance moves and to bust out some all time classics. There were no 'wallflowers' at our bush dance, with everyone raving about how much fun they had together.

Once again, the staff at the camp frequently commented on the calibre of our students and their enthusiastic approach to the camp activities. Overall, the Year 9 camp was a huge success providing our students with a terrific opportunity to bond and thrive in a truly stunning outdoor environment.

Year 9 Camp 2018