Year 9 Camp Reflection 2022

After much anticipation and a two-week delay due to Covid-19, our Year 9 cohort of 2022 was finally on our way to Noosa Northshore for Year 9 camp. As we arrived at the campsite, we were warmly welcomed by the incredible camp staff who directed us to our accommodations. With sunscreen and insect repellent on hand, our grade spent the next three days participating in multiple hands-on and team-building activities. 

Fortunately, the weather was consistently sunny, which supplied us with perfect conditions for surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, and afternoon swims in our free time. The water activities and laser tag were among the many highlights of the camp. Through mountain biking, we saw our fellow peers overcome their fears and face new challenges. We grew closer together through the team-building challenges and watched as leaders emerged, taking charge and bringing us together to work as a team. 

As well as the many daytime activities, the teachers put together two amazing nights packed with activities. On the first night, we learnt how to bush dance, a new experience that was thoroughly enjoyed. Everyone started on two left feet, but as the night progressed, we all had a go and found that it was definitely the highlight of the whole camp. 

The second night revealed our competitive sides as we played in teams in a giant game of Minute to Win it. To finish our nights, we were led by our teachers in devotions, where we learnt about being our genuine selves. Overall, each activity was exciting, a new challenge and a whole lot of fun. 

With a few sunburnt faces and the constant battle against the mosquitoes, we obtained new skills, overcame fears and pushed our boundaries as a team, forming new bonds and strengthening existing friendships. We all deeply appreciate the fantastic camp staff and teachers that dedicated time and energy in to teaching and getting to know us. This camp would not have been possible without everyone's dedication, and we are all immensely grateful. It was truly an incredible camp, one that will be remembered for years to come.


Abigail H

Year 9 Leader