The Year 9 Science students ran forensic science experiments with mini crime scenes for Year 6 students to solve. 9s must explain the Science behind their hands-on experiment.

Here is a list of all the forensic experiments my Year 9s will have done:

  • Black pen ink paper chromatography (forgery crime scene)
  • Fingerprinting with ink (matching fingerprints to a criminal gang) AND Fingerprint fuming (pulling “invisible” fingerprints off objects)
  • Blood spatter analysis (patterns of blood spatter from different release heights, impact angles,and velocities) [this one will only be performed with permission from both of us]
  • Stomach content testing (solve a murder based on the stomach contents of the victim)
  • Urine analysis (identify the disease each suspect has)
  • White powder testing (a baker has amnesia and needs to know which is the correct powder for a recipe).