Since 1985, Northside Christian College has not wavered from its mission of partnering with parents and churches to make disciples and provide excellent education for Christian families. Benefits of a Northside education include:

Consolidation of Faith & Identity in Christ

Northside Christian College emphasises the education of the whole child—intellectual and spiritual. While the College’s academic record is impressive, our attention to students’ spiritual development is paramount.

Children acquire a solid foundation in biblical understanding and a well-rounded formation of Christian character. As children learn, grow, and explore their faith, they hone their understanding of their identity in Christ—as partakers of His life and grace, as members of God’s family, and as loving representatives of Jesus Christ in the world.

Our students experience this love abundantly in the friendly body of believers, and they are encouraged in turn to express the love of Christ through kindness to their peers, care of the environment, and service to the community.

In learning by doing, our students not only know about their faith, but they also live and embody it.

Building a Solid Christian Worldview

Northside Christian College partners with families and churches to develop and consolidate the all-important lens of a Christian worldview. By teaching the curriculum from a Christian world-view, we provide a safe arena for students to master the essential academic and social skills for life, explore the wonders of creation, express their awe and appreciation to the Creator, and live their faith with courage and compassion.

People who hold a Christian worldview believe the fundamental reason for existence is to love and serve God and consider the Bible to be a source of truth and wisdom upon which Christians model their lives.

Instilling a Christian worldview in young people is an important and challenging task for parents, churches, and schools. It is complicated by the dominant philosophies of the age, postmodernism and relativism, which suffuse not only current culture and media but also the Australian curriculum and current teaching pedagogy.

Northside Christian College

“Whether conscious or unconscious, every person has some type of worldview. A personal worldview is a combination of all you believe to be true, and what you believe becomes the driving force behind every emotion, decision and action. Therefore it affects your response to every area of life…” — Focus on the Family

Intentional, Meaningful Discipleship

Christian education is both taught and “caught” at Northside Christian College. While the biblical teaching is age-appropriate and the worship is lively, it is the quality of Northside’s intentional discipleship that makes the true difference.

Northside’s teachers and staff exemplify faith-filled lives and demonstrate practical Christian love in the classroom, on the campus, and at chapel. Beyond the comprehensive, developmentally appropriate Christian Foundations curriculum, discipleship occurs via relationships in meaningful activities. Our teachers and staff demonstrate tremendous generosity of spirit by giving their own time to share their passions and interests. Their talents span a wide array: videography, cross-country running, surfing, singing, cooking, quilting, mechanics, art, acting, entrepreneurship, creative writing, photography, music, engineering, robotics, and even competitive cube solving. These fun-filled sharing times provide a casual backdrop for intentional discipleship—real-life Christian living over a shared interest. At the same time, our students’ horizons are extended, helping them find their own special outlet for glorifying God.

The Hallmark of Service

Junior School, Middle School, and Senior School emphasise service as an important aspect of following Jesus’ example. Learning to put others first and to recognise needs are the building blocks of community-mindedness and compassion.

At Northside, we believe no one is too young to practise kindness. Our Junior School students develop social awareness through the CARE program, which promotes courtesy, attitude, respect, and excellence. These values are reinforced throughout the six years of primary education. Each Year 1 cohort takes on the support of a World Vision sponsor child whom they follow for the entire twelve years of their education at Northside.

Our secondary students initiate programs such as Friendship Day, which celebrates kindness and fosters consideration of others’ needs. They also enthusiastically participate in World Vision programs. Middle School students spread joy to elderly residents of nursing homes, and some senior students take the opportunity to travel overseas not only to serve needy communities but also to experience the richness of faith of the extended family of God.

The College’s Centre for Innovation and Creativity provides scope and physical space for students to think big—globally and entrepreneurially. Students connect with leaders in business, science, and the arts for mentoring and collaboration. Northside Christian College equips students to be leaders and influencers as they take their God-given gifts into the world to address societal needs and make a godly impact.