Why Christian Education

Worldview – The All Important Lens

While primary school-aged children play, socialise, and learn the fundamentals of literacy and numeracy, something less obvious is being acquired. Children develop a worldview, a mental model of reality and a framework for thinking about and interacting with the world. By the time these children enter Middle School, their worldview is established.

Northside Christian College

“Whether conscious or unconscious, every person has some type of worldview. A personal worldview is a combination of all you believe to be true, and what you believe becomes the driving force behind every emotion, decision and action. Therefore it affects your response to every area of life…” — Focus onthe Family

The Importance of Christian Education

From Prep to Year 12, students spend over 17,000 hours in school. That’s a lot of time for an environment to influence young minds, to reinforce or undermine their family’s values.

Postmodernism (which encourages scepticism of conventional wisdom) and relativism (which affirms there are no absolute truths) are dominant philosophies in today’s society. They infuse every area of thought, from high-level politics to grassroots early childhood education. Like it or not, these philosophies colour what and how curriculum material is presented. Many of these philosophies oppose a Christian worldview – which holds the Bible as a source of truth and wisdom upon which Christians model their lives.

In surveying over one thousand 20-29 year old Americans, researchers discovered that 86% of those who stopped going to church were educated in the public system (ACSI).

Research conducted by the Barna Group underscores the necessity of families, schools, and other influencers being deliberate about shaping and consolidating the worldview of children. Knowing worldview is set by age 13, this study highlights the importance of Christian education in the early years, while worldview is being formed.

The middle and senior years are also critical, for these adolescent years are when young people work out their identity by questioning and exploring. Isn’t it most ideal for such important discovery to happen in a context of discipleship with teachers, mentors, and like-minded peers who share your family’s faith and values?

Benefits of Christian Education at a Christian School

Since 1985, Northside Christian College has not wavered from its mission of partnering with parents and churches to make disciples and provide excellent education for Christian families. Benefits of a Northside education include:

  • Children discovering their identity in Christ and consolidating their own Christian worldview.
  • Students learning compassion, respect, excellence and responsibility from godly leaders, teachers and staff who model the values in their lifestyle and caring interactions.
  • A Christian worldview infusing the curriculum and permeating the College community. Faith being expressed in worship, prayer, and outreach.
  • Community, service, and mission being hallmarks of Junior School, Middle School and Senior School.
  • Students inspired to take action for the betterment of society.

We would be privileged to partner with you in equipping your children for the future that God has prepared for them.


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