A dedicated Careers Officer assists secondary students as they explore their future options. The Student Services team provide students with information and experiences to guide them toward the most suitable study pathway.

Some students choose the OP pathway, which provides the academic rigour and requirements for entry into tertiary study in Australia. (N.B., Graduates after 2019 will receive an ATAR - Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank) Some students follow the vocational education pathway, which begins the process of training young people in a trade.

The Career Officer’s diagnostic tools and resources educate students about career choices, and facilitates the creation of individual SET (Senior Education & Training) plans to ensure that students’ subject selections will adequately prepare them for entry into university courses or other pathways.

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What is the purpose of a SET Plan?

In 2006 the Queensland Government introduced laws that require young people to be "learning or earning". All young people are required to complete Year 10 at school and go on to undertake a further two years of education and/or training, or until they achieve a Senior Certificate or Certificate III vocational qualification, or turn 17, whichever comes first. Young people will be exempt from these requirements if they gain full-time employment. The aim is to encourage as many young people as possible to complete 12 years of schooling or equivalent. 

After completing Year 10, students will be able to choose from a broader range of learning options leading to a Senior Certificate (now called a Queensland Certificate of Education or QCE) or a Certificate Ill vocational qualification. The Senior Education and Training Plan, more commonly referred to as a SET Plan, is designed to map your student's individual learning pathway through the Senior Phase of Learning.

Students should use the SET Plan process to identify and build on strengths and to work towards the Queensland Certificate of Education, Certificate lIl level vocational qualification, and/or a viable work option. The self-reflection and career exploration involved in creating such a plan will also assist students to make well informed choices about higher education courses should their career aspirations necessitate completion of a university degree. 

On completion, the SET Plan needs to be signed and dated by the student and yourself as parent/guardian. Students will receive a hard copy of their SET plan to take home. Please sign and return earlv Term 3

What is a SET Plan?

The SET Plan maps out how your child will work towards their Senior Certificate, through,relevant senior qualifications leading to viable work and study options. You will play a crifical role in helping them to discover and plan their personal journey through education and training, then onto further learning or work options.

The SET Plan is designed to:

• Work as a road map to help your child to achieve their learning goals during the Senior Phase of Learning
• Include flexible and coordinated best fit options for your child
• Assist them to examine options across education, training and employment sectors
• Help them to communicate with you and with personnel from the school/learning provider about their future options.

In the plan, your child will be able to identify suitable learning possibilities, some of which may be accessed outside the current formal structure of a school. This will allow them to create more options and flexibility in learning. The plan can be altered if your child, with guidance, decides to change direction and explore different learning pathways. Your child should be responsible for the safekeeping of their copy of the SET Plan. We will also keep a copy.

A SET Plan is more than a piece of paper. It is the end product of a good career education process, and involves four stages:

Stage 1: Thinking about the Future
Stage 2: Exploring Options
Stage 3: Documenting the Plan
Stage 4: Implementing the Plan

Your child will need your support to work through these stages. Support will be provided at school, but you will play a critical role in helping them to consider and make decisions about their post secondary goals. 

Accessing Further Information

You can access your student's SET Plan by reviewing the paper copy your son/daughter has printed off. In addition, the resources used to assist them to assess and explore suitable career options are available through the Career Voyage website.

Further links to online resources that may assist can be accessed in the 'Helpful Resources & Links' page.

Please contact us you require further information or assistance.

Mrs Linda George
Head of Teaching & Learning

Mrs Robyn Harvey
Careers Officer

Mr Scott Murchie
Vocational Education Coordinator

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