Parent Lounge

You can keep up to date with your child’s progress at Northside Christian College through the Parent Lounge. Events, bulletin items, academic reports, parent-teacher interview bookings and timetable information will be listed here. Tours and excursions, sporting results and much more will progressively come on-line for you to view from home.

New-to-Northside parents New-to-Northside parents, please note that you will receive your Parent Lounge login details sent to you by email in mid-December.

Important updates

1. MCEECDYA Details The information needs to be correct and up to date for compliance reporting purposes made during the year. This can be done through Parent Lounge→Student Details→General Details – scroll down to MCEECDYA Details→Update

2. Medical Updates All student medical details need to be verified. This can be done through Parent Lounge → Student Details → Medical Details (ensure you verify for each student, and upload action plans/documentation where necessary). (Click here for a tutorial)

3. Address Updates This can be done through Parent Lounge → Parent Details → Address Details → Update Address

4. Emergency Contacts

How to Access Parent Lounge
  1. Click Parent Lounge login
  2. Log in using your username and password. New to Northside parents and carers will receive an email from with their log in details and password.
  3. Update your data once you've logged into Parent Lounge. 
Username and Password

Use your College-supplied Parent Code as your user name and the College-supplied password. If you have your Parent Code but no password, use the Forgotten Password link on the Parent Lounge login screen to reset your password. If you don’t have your parent code, please email the College ( and it will be sent to you.

Update Address and Emergency Contact Details

To check Address Details, select Update Address Details from the top menu under Parent Details Tab.

  1. Please check ALL addresses and Emergency Contact details by selecting the ‘Next Address’ button.  (bottom right hand side)
  2. To update any correspondence or emergency details, select the UPDATE ADDRESS INFO button.
  3. Ensure you select SUBMIT CHANGES to save the information. (Note Changes do not appear immediately). If no changes, please continue.
  4. Email any Parent Occupation Changes to
Update Parent Occupation Details

Select Parent Details and check occupations on the right hand side.

If you are not currently in paid work but have had a job in the last 12 months or have retired in the last 12 months, please use your last occupation.

If you have not been in paid work for the last 12 months, please identify as not currently working.

Update Student Medical Details

Parents can now view, edit and update Medical Conditions and any relevant Action Plans (i.e. Asthma and Anaphylaxis) held by the College for their student/s.  To do so select ‘Medical Details’ under ‘Student Details’, click on the relevant Medical Condition and view the Action Plan by clicking the document icon. 

  • To Add a New Medical update simply click "+New"
  • Select a Condition form the drop down menu;
  • Choose “Y” or “N” for Severe Condition;
  • Enter brief description of condition and symptoms of Condition in text box;
  • + Submit New

For Medical Conditions requiring an action plan, (i.e. Anaphylaxis, Asthma, Seizures) you will also need to upload an Action Plan under Attachments:

  • Click "+Add" to add a new Action Plan or View the existing plan on file.
  • Choose the file name of new Action Plan you wish to upload as a PDF
  • + Submit New
Updating Medical Details

All student medical details must be verified in Parent Lounge >> Student Details >> Medical Details tab. 

  1. Log in to Parent Lounge 
  2. Click on Student Details>Medical Details and press the green ‘Verify’ button.  
  3. This will then display the current medical conditions (if any) with attachments or updates that have been submitted to the College to date.  Please review this information and if it is all true and correct, select the ‘Verify’ button and then click the ‘Submit Verification’ button. 

If this information is not true and correct, please make the necessary additions/deletions and submit these changes with the relevant action plans to the College for review and acceptance.  Once these changes have been accepted, you can then complete verification process as above.

Note:  You will need to do this for each student.  Any updates you make will not appear instantly as they are first submitted to the College for review and acceptance.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.  Should you have any queries, please email the College at

Note:  It is expected that all Action Plans be reviewed regularly by Parents and particularly at the start of each year.  Any medical updates will need to be reviewed and processed by the College.  You will receive a confirmation email once the changes have been done.

Special Consideration – Middle and Senior School

If your child requires consideration for assessment or classroom adjustments. Please select School Links, the appropriate school and complete the relevant application form for Educational Adjustments or Special Provision.

Educational Adjustments Application

Special Provision Application Form