From Prep to Year 12, students have access to a college-owned computer under our Student Computer Program. The program maximises students’ educational outcomes by:

  • Providing systems that are ready for new online assessments including NAPLAN and Senior School assessments
  • Allowing for collaboration in the classroom through G Suite for Education.
  • Using tools used by corporate businesses and universities.
  • Promoting the use of web-based resources not limited by device.

Forms to sign for new and existing families

Student Digital Responsibility Policy - Please read

Technology Levy

School supplied technology is covered under the student levies in the annual fees schedule (please download the fees schedule and check the IT Levy for the year level). 

Northside devices

Computers used at Northside are specifically designed for use in an educational setting with the following features.

  • Touch screens (Chromebooks feature 360-degree hinges allowing for use as a laptop or tablet
  • Durable design beyond MIL-STD specifications
  • Long battery life and quick start-up times

Personal devices are NOT permitted for use by the students of Northside Christian College except with approval from the relevant Head of School or Director of Teaching and Learning.

Printing at home

Printing can be set up to any network connected printer at home. Two pieces of information are required to complete the connection: the printer's model and IP address. Note: If you’re not sure where to find the printer’s IP Address, please consult the Owner’s Manual or their support services.

Once you have that information, follow these instructions on each Chromebook that requires the connection (for other computer types, contact IT):

If you have a USB only printer or specifically would like Cloud Print capabilities, please contact the IT Services Help Desk for further assistance.


All support for the student computers is handled by Northside IT Services. This means that you no longer need to pay for additional support, find repair technicians, or leave your student without a device while repairs take place.

Should you or your student need to take advantage of our support services, we are located to the left of the Library in D Block, open 7:30am to 4:30pm every weekday and 8:00am to 4:00pm in the holidays.

There are a variety of reasons that your student's computer may need support. Some costs may be passed on to the family, depending on the type to support needed. While your student’s device is being serviced, a loan device will be provided at no charge.

Warranty Service – No administration fee; free parts and labour

Accidental Damage (First claim in the calendar year) – $25 administration fee; free parts and labour costs.

Accidental Damage (Subsequent damage in the same year) – $25 administration fee; parts and labour costs.

Non-accidental or Wilful Damage – $50 administration fee; full parts and labour cost; appropriate disciplinary action through the Head of School.


Students may only personalise the College provided slip case with a key ring or image in clear window. All other personalisation of the slip case or device itself, including removal of identifying marks, is against policy and is viewed as vandalism.

External Mice, Headphones and Other Peripherals

Students may use personally owned, external mice, headphones or other peripherals with their College provided computer. The student is responsible for the care and transport of these items. The College does not provide service or support for personally owned external peripherals.

When purchasing a stylus, please first contact the Northside IT Department to confirm a compatible stylus. There are many affordable models available from a variety of retailers. 

If you purchase a wireless peripheral, feel free to choose Bluetooth. The Chromebook is fully Bluetooth 4.0 compatible.

Personal Contents and Insurance

The College recommends adding the student computer to your personal contents insurance to protect against total loss or theft while the device is in your student’s care. For Chromebooks, AU$700 and laptops, $1,500 is the recommended replacement cost when adjusting your insurance policy (other computer models vary). The normal statutory declaration will need to be completed in the case of any claim.

More information about the Loss and Theft process can be found in the “Loss/Theft” FAQ article below.


If the device is lost or stolen while in your student’s care, the College should be notified immediately. Your student should attend the Help Desk at the nearest opportunity and a Support Technician will initiate the following process.

  • A support ticket will be opened with an identifying number.
  • The computer will be immediately disabled, preventing its use by anyone.
  • A loan device will be provided for the period the original device is missing. 
  • The previously lost or stolen device will be re-enabled and returned to the student.
  • Parent/Guardian will be informed by telephone and email that the device has been reported lost or stolen.

If the device is not found within two weeks of the initial report date:

  • Parent/Guardian will be informed by telephone and email that the replacement cost has been added to the Family’s School Fees account
  • A replacement computer will be handed out at the Help Desk
  • Any device currently on loan will be checked for damage and returned

If the device is found at any point:

  • The student should immediately attend the Help Desk with both the found device and any device currently on loan
  • Any device currently on loan will be checked for damage and returned
  • The previously lost or stolen device will be re-enabled
  • The parent/guardian will be contacted and advised that the device has been found
  • Any charges to the Family’s School Fees account will be reversed
Contact Us

IT Services HelpDesk 7:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday - Term times.

8:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday - Holidays

HelpDesk Phone Number 07 3353 1266 Email: