Junior and Secondary School Libraries

Schools need great libraries to enhance the learning experiences of students. At Northside, both Junior and Secondary Libraries are the educational heart of our community. Our two Northside libraries are hubs of knowledge and resources, providing essential support for both recreational and educational needs. Our physical library spaces embrace a warm welcome, with open-plan areas for reading, learning, and group interactions.

Within our libraries, we understand the importance of access to diverse print and digital resources to nurture and inspire a lifelong love of reading. From books, graphic novels, magazines and picture books to eBooks and electronic databases, our extensive collections cater for the varied interests and learning needs of students.

Opening Times

Junior Library is open from 8am to 3.15pm, Monday to Friday.

Secondary Library is open from 8am to 3.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Secondary School Library

Our welcoming Library serves the educational and recreational needs of both Middle and Senior School students and staff. The light, open-plan space provides areas for reading, relaxing, private study, and collaborative learning endeavours. A dedicated team of creative Library professionals staff the Library, ensuring the Library and its services are up-to-date, vibrant, and curriculum-relevant. Fiction and non-fiction books, magazines, board games, graphic novels, as well as dynamic displays and printing services, are some of the exciting elements on offer at the Library.

Our Library's online platform offers students easy access to a variety of digital resources. Students can access and explore digital textbooks, information databases, subject research guides, educational video content, eBooks, as well as the Library catalogue, from anywhere, at any time. Our subject research guides are aligned with the curriculum, supporting classroom instruction and student assessment needs. This repository of digital resources is centrally located on our password-protected Library webpage, which is conveniently bookmarked on all student devices. 

Library Webpage
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Junior School Library

Our vibrant Junior Library is an engaging space designed specifically for our Prep to Year 6 students. Information skills, language acquisition and a love of reading are our primary goals. Weekly library lessons during the Junior school years provide students with opportunities to read, borrow books, develop essential literacy skills, and participate in the highly successful Accelerated Reader program.

The Junior Library promotes a range of literary events throughout the year. Our annual Book Fair promotes the joy of reading, whereby students can experience the thrill of selecting and purchasing their own brand new book. The Children’s Book Council of Australia’s (CBCA) Book Week is a yearly highlight, involving a week of literary activities and dress-up day.

The Junior Library provides access to superb online resources that can be accessed on campus or at home. Here, students can search the Library catalogue, participate in the Accelerated Reader program, or research using the World Book Online database. 

Book Week
Book Fair
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